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We consult on all things medical. You ask, “Is this a case?” – We answer! Doctor OnCALLSM provides personal injury, nursing home negligence, and medical malpractice attorneys with rapid, virtual in–house access to a fellowship trained, seasoned physician consultant for critical analysis with answers to your quick questions. Do you have questions about a potential case, an existing case, or need clarification about medical expert witness advice you’ve already received? Do you need help drafting case specific rules of the road questions or tweaking a deposition outline? Don’t settle for just an e-mailed curbside consult. The Doctor OnCALLSM program provides cost effective, prompt telephone and e-mail access to a litigation savvy physician medical review for answers to all of your medically related case questions. Confusion is eliminated as the medicine becomes clearer. Your physician consultant can also assist you with many aspects of any medically related case including exploring persuasive litigation strategies, case framing, discovery/requests for production,  and more.

The original virtual in-house physician medical review service, MedMal’s hugely popular Doctor OnCALLSM program provides the medical malpractice case screening and clinical insight you need at a price you can easily afford. Doctor OnCALLSM eliminates the high cost of maintaining a dedicated in–house nurse paralegal. We help attorneys contain costs and help to build confidence in your case theory. Having a Doctor OnCALL gives your clients the feeling that you are investigating all possibilities in your representation of their case.  We frequently save our clients thousands of dollars that would have been wasted in retaining witnesses for a claim that cannot be proven.

Doctor OnCALLSM attorney clients are afforded first-in-line priority for phone calls, e-mails, case reviews, help drafting deposition outlines, expert witness referrals, and case specific rules of the road questions. DOC clients enjoy a significant discount on all these services including a deferred billing option for full case consulting.


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Have your doctor get you a persuasive testifying expertDo you have a nurse on your staff? Now just like in the hospital, they can have a Doctor OnCALLsm to help them help you and your malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury case. Your personal medical expert consult is just a phone call or e-mail away.