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Physician Medical Review

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Save Money for You and Your Client

Physician Medical Review

Medical Record Review for Attorneys


Save Money for You and Your Client With a Physician Medical Review

Why get stuck scouring through pages and pages of records that can be hard for an attorney to decipher? Plaintiff attorneys across the United States rely on MedMal Consulting physicians for organizing and reviewing medical records for litigation purposes.

For a low flat fee, our physician medical malpractice case review eliminates the uncertainty of how much initial malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury case evaluation will cost and cuts down on additional research expenses for your firm.

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MedMal Physician Consultants Organize and Review Medical Record for Litigation Purposes

Performing a flat fee comprehensive physician review of your client’s medical records saves you money and allows you to understand the case better to maximize its value. Our doctors interpret the records, review key events chronologically, and take all the factors into consideration in their case evaluation.

Determine the Types of Persuasive Experts Needed to Prove Your Case 

Throughout their medical record review for attorneys’ purposes, our physician’s medical review searches the entire record for key details and events.  We take into account all the factors of the case including things like:

  • Breach in the standard of care
  • Causation issues
  • The full extent of damages
  • Venue demographics
  • Plaintiff demographics
  • And more

By analyzing all of this information upfront you are able to put together a better case. Case budgets will be more accurate because you’ll understand the type and number of expert witnesses needed to successfully prove your case.

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