Get Access to Doctors on Call and Build a Strong Medical Legal Case

Attorney Medical Malpractice Education

Dr. Herman is Available to Personally Meet With Attorneys to Review the Medical Records and Identify Key Entries

Unlike testifying medical expert witnesses or expert referral services, Dr. Herman is available to personally meet with attorneys to review the medical records and identify key entries. He can meet with you and teach you the relevant literature and provide you clear explanations of the deviations from the standard of care.

He will begin by teaching you basic medicine as he would a  medical student and finish with detailed fellowship level information. Because you will know the medicine, you will feel confident in presenting your case in terms the jury will easily understand. 

Dr. Herman can assist in preparing and anticipating the potential arguments and strategy that the opposition may present. MedMal can assist in providing effective demonstrative evidence that is persuasive and easily understood by your jury.

We review medical records and consult exclusively for plaintiff attorneys. Neither Dr. Herman nor MedMal Consulting engage in the practice of medicine.