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Retain the right expert for your case. MedMal Consulting provides confidential referrals to persuasive board certified medical expert witnesses from some of the best institutions and private practices in the country. Pre-screened and highly qualified, our nationwide network of medical legal experts are all actively practicing, board certified and not ‘hired guns’. Many of the medical and nursing experts are recognized by their peers and are published in medical journals. Importantly, most of the Expert Witnesses we refer do not advertise their expert services and are not associated with any medical malpractice expert witness referral services.

As a plaintiff attorney, you know that the expert witness can make or break your case. The role of expert witness testimony in medical malpractices cases is three-fold. The expert witness may be called on to establish the standard of care applicable to that specific case. The expert is then asked to provide an opinion regarding whether there was a deviation from the standard of care. Lastly, if it has been determined that there was a deviation from the standard of care, the expert witness may be asked to offer an opinion as to whether that deviation from the standard of care could have caused the patient’s alleged injury.

Trust your expert witness search to a service run by a physician. Our litigation savvy physician medical director reviews your requirements and communicates with the expert. The referral information is then provided to you. MedMal expert referrals are based on doctor-to-doctor communication. Medical expert witnesses are uniquely suited to determine standard of care and causation issues. Successful lawyers have trusted MedMal for their medical expert witness referrals since 1992.

Our expert witness  referrals are much more affordable than most medical expert services. Unlike other expert witness services, MedMal has no inherent bias. We do not pad the bill by adding to the medical expert’s hourly testimony rate, nor do we do their billing. We only charge a low, one-time flat fee for the  referral, so we don’t need gimmicky time limited ‘sales’ on our referrals. All financial arrangements are between you and your expert.

Do you need a Certificate of Review or an Affidavit of Merit? Call MedMal Consulting to assist in the timely referral of a medical expert witness to fill your needs. Need your records reviewed? We provide flat fee reviews to eliminate the uncertainty of much a review might cost.

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